We'd love to see all the cute and scary costumes this year. We moved here just at the beginning of covid and miss all the...

 Participating Location /  Washington / 13 views

Any and all Hocus Pocus display and decorations!! Come by and see our graveyard, witches brew and special (dead) guests!!   We are the house...

 Participating Location /  Washington / 11 views

Blue and White House on the corner of 62nd and Commercial

 Participating Location /  Washington / 14 views

I never get any kids on Halloween, but i would love to! 🙂

 Participating Location /  Washington / 15 views

We'll send full size bars down the chute until we run out. When the porch light is off, we're out of candy.

 Participating Location /  Mountlake Terrace / 40 views

We will have some decorations and prepackaged/ sanitized treat bags on our fence alon 48th for anyone who would like one😊 Corner of 239th and 48th...

 Participating Location /  Mountlake Terrace / 32 views

We will have treat bags!

 Participating Location /  Washington / 70 views

We will have our side porch lit up/ decorated and have candy spread out on the steps of the porch for contactless pickup.  We’ll handle...

 Participating Location /  Washington / 37 views

Bagging up candy with washed, sanitized gloved hands! Halloween bags will line the gravesites in my driveway. Pathway will be lit with lanterns and glow...

 Participating Location /  Mountlake Terrace / 32 views

We will be in the drive way handing out candy with tongs and will have hand sanitizer available.

 Participating Location /  Mountlake Terrace / 28 views

We’ll have pre-bagged candy in individual lunch bags in a bowl on our patio. Totally contactless. Come grab some candy!

 Participating Location /  Mountlake Terrace / 30 views

4208 - 226th place sw prepackaged bags - I will be greeting on front porch for contactless Halloween prizes👻🎃

 Participating Location /  Mountlake Terrace / 37 views

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